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We’re not just another Dance Studio … we’re Art In Motion!

We are non-profit Educational.

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These Photos are all of our very own KCPA Students during a live performance!

Our Philosophy

 We desire to train our students in a non-competitive fun and loving environment that promotes excellence, self confidence and self discipline.   We desire to work with and perform for the local community events to encourage harmony and good will within the Kearsarge area. We love Teaching and Training Students of all ages From children 2&1/2 through adults.

Why choose us? 

The Arts should be an integral part of all students education.  Our highly qualified Staff is excited to impart their love of:  Dance, Drama, Music, Acting, Musical Theatre, Tumbling,  Acro, Ballet, Pointe Tap,  Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pilates & Zumba to students the Kearsarge and surrounding Areas. 

We’re not just another Dance Studio we are Educator’s in All the Performing Arts

  • All our Directors have their Masters in their Chosen Fields & 30 years of Teaching Experience
  • Our Teachers are all fully qualified, warm and friendly because they love to teach!
  • We have an excellent original Pre-School Program
  • Our Facility has State of the Art Floors,  Mirrors and Barre’s
  • We are conveniently located off of I89 exit 9 Rt. 103 on 33 North Rd.  We are also convenient to other communities such as:  Bradford, Newbury, New London, Sutton, Sunapee,  Contoocook,  Henniker,  Hopkington,  Springfield,  Grantham, Webster,  Andover,  Bow & Concord. Click to get Directions to the studio

Spring Show June 2016

2016-01-02 15:11:21 atarleton

Act I Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Ballet

Act II Variety Show


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Kuddos to our Kiddos

2016-01-02 15:17:55 atarleton


KCPA Dance Captain and Sr. KRHS

Grace is an amazing student that has been with KCPA since it’s beginning 12 years ago!

Grace Brooks

She will be attending Plymouth State University as an Acting Major with a Minor in Dance

She was accepted in all three University programs that she applied for but felt Plymouth was the best fit

Read More about Grace


Grace put together an essay and video for a GMA contest that a portion was aired on GMA see story and video below!

Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” has inspired my studio’s performance company and I in a number of ways. This is National Stop Bullying Month, and sometimes people can bully just by being discouraging to others hopes and dreams. It’s difficult to choose the performing arts as a career. Adults surrounding me say things like “well you’ll never make any money”.

Even my peers are constantly making fun of us dancers, and pressuring us to do sports with claims such as “it isn’t a lot of activity, you’re not really getting any cardio”, when we are active for more hours than most sports! My instructor Miss Angela has always told us to follow our dreams, as she dealt with the same ridicule for going into performing arts in High School.

“Shake it Off”, to me, is an anthem against bullying, whether it be because of how you look, act, or what your passions are. It has inspired me to be proud of who I am, ignore any bad comments someone has to say about the choices I’ve made in my life, and encourage others to have a thick skin to shake off all the hurtful words.

click on the link below to see actual GMA viewing



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